Amazing Health Benefits Of Eucalyptus Oil


Eucalyptus origin can be traced back to Australia, but it is currently grown in most parts of the world. It is known for its potent medicinal properties. Eucalyptus oil is obtained from the tree’s leaves after they are dried and crushed. The oil produced has great healing powers. Here are the main health benefits associated with eucalyptus oil.

Silencing of a cough

Eucalyptus oil is used for relieving coughing since the ancient times. This oil has great cough suppressing ingredients. Its popular home-made rub is applied mainly to the throat and upper chest. This helps in relieving the cough symptoms arising from the common flu or cold.

Clearing of the chestsvscxpvewv

Eucalyptus oil helps to get rid of the mucus trapped within your chest. Inhaling its vapor helps in loosening of the mucus which is then expelled when one coughs. Using a rub which contains eucalyptus oil produces a similar effect.

Keeping bugs away

The biting insects are carriers of many diseases and are very dangerous to your health. You should, therefore, avoid their bites. Eucalyptus oil helps in keeping these pests away. Most of the biological compounds used for repelling pests contain eucalyptus oil.

Disinfecting of wounds

Eucalyptus leaves wekjvsdavdv;re traditionally used by the Australian aborigines in the treatment of wounds and preventing secondary infections. Even today the diluted oil is still used in fighting inflammation of the skin and promoting healing. One can buy ointments or creams which contain this healing oil. This product is also used for minor injuries and burns. You can treat them right from home.

Makes breathing easy

Inhalation of the mixture made from steam and eucalyptus oil helps in the treatment of various respiratory conditions like sinusitis. The reaction between this oil and the mucous membrane contribute in reducing the mucus by loosening it where it is expelled when coughing. Eucalyptus oil also helps in blocking the asthma symptoms.

Control and regulation of the blood sugar

Its oil has a high potential in the treatment of diabetes. Health experts believe that it can lower the blood sugar in diabetic patients. More research is still going on.

Freshening of the breath

Its oils are among the powerful weapons used against stinky breath. This is attributed to its potent antibacterial properties which are used in fighting germs related to the unfortunate mouth disorder. Most of the toothpaste and mouthwashes contain this essential oil. The by-products of eucalyptus oil help in preventing the build up of plaque on your gums and teeth by fighting the bacteria which cause tooth decay.