Detoxification: Natural Ways to Live a Long and Productive Life


Detoxification has been around for centuries. Different communities around the world exercised in different ways. While others use acupuncture, others take to milk baths and adopt certain dietary measures to get rid of toxin build-ups in their bodies. Science has narrowed down these methods and integrated others to make detoxification a natural and straightforward experience with many health benefits.

When to Detoxify

Natural detoxification processes are more efficient if done when the body needs the process the most. You save time and resources whenever you detoxify your body because of unexplained fatigue or because you’re experiencing skin irritations and allergies. Frequent infections, stomach bloating, menstrual problems and mental confusion can as well be a sign that your body requires detoxification.


Dietary Lifestyle

A change in dietary lifestyle is one of the effective ways to detoxify without buying anything out of the ordinary. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in dietary supplements that are meant for detoxification purposes. It means that you can put aside fatty foods and meat and dairy products and embark on fruits and vegetables.

There are people who prefer nothing but a mixture of vegetable soups and natural juices. Beets, cabbage, artichokes, seaweed, radishes, spirulina, and chlorella are examples of foods that appear more on your plate during detoxification. Don’t dwell on these foods for too long since your health may be affected in cases where you need high-calorie levels to perform your day-to-day duties.

Go Herbal

The liver and the kidneys are the body’s engine of detoxification. The man has known these for centuries, explaining why there are many herbs that focus on the improvement of liver and kidney health. The cleansing effect granted by herbs such as the dandelion root, burdocks, green tea and milk thistle elevate these organs performance. The liver alone can get rid of thousands of toxins from the body, making the herbal remedy feasible and reliable.

Water Therapy

Stories are told of people who have died of internal drowning. This type of drowning occurs when one drinks extraordinary amounts of water. Events of this kind are rare hence you shouldn’t shy away from your glass of water especially on a hot sunny day. Copious consumption of water should also be encouraged during drinking and smoking sprees that you may engage in whenever you’re bitten by the reveler’s bug. Look at the color of your urine to know when your body needs water the most. Dark/brownish urine means a high concentration of toxins in your body as clear urine means an even balance of the body’s ions and other biological factors.

Sweat Therapy

You feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a shower that follows a rigorous workout stint because of the sweat. Sweat is salty not only because it comes out with the excessive salt in your body but because it also fuses toxins out. People who frequent saunas and steam rooms frequently achieve the same results. They usually have healthy skins and calm temperament because detoxification gets rid of health, social and professional worries in ways you never deemed possible. Contact an expert in detoxification to know how you can combine the above options for the best results.